Appeal - Coordinator

The Directory seeks to cover all organizations of Dharma Traditions (the Hindu, Jain, Bauddha, Sikh, et al), including the Himalayan Tradition, and others who accept, respect and celebrate the diversity of traditions, regard the world as one family, and dedicated to ‘Universal Peace and Brotherhood’.

The categories of participants include Monasteries, Places of Worship, Yoga Centers, Academic Institutions, NGOs (Volunteer Organisations, Foundations, Trusts, Associations, et al), Individual Mahatmas, and the ‘Miscellaneous’ (categories other than the preceding ones).

Registration enables the organisations to directly fill up the required particulars in the Directory.

All are cordially invited to be a part of this historic Directory.

Swami Jyotirmayananda

[email protected]

March 30, 2019.


An informatory booklet titled "The Global Vision and Mission of Swami Vivekananda, and how it inspired the Indian Spiritual Reach World-wide", describing the vision and the mission of the Project, is here for further details.