By P. Parameswaran,

President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari,


At the very outset, we felt that we should seek the guidance of a small, informal committee, to write to all spiritual organisations originating in Bharat or outside, which are expounding and spreading the Indian spiritual world view exemplified by Swami Vivekananda, appealing to them to co-operate in this huge and critical task which is necessary in the larger interest of rising India’s global spiritual and geo-cultural mission. Hence we communicated with some of the institutions of light and leading, seeking their guidance and co-operation. Subsequently, Swami Jyotirmayananda, the Coordinator of this project, also visited their places, in this connection, and we are glad to have the kind response of most of them, as a token of their cooperation and participation in this noble endeavour.

On broaching the plan to build a Directory to the under mentioned Spiritual Masters / Organisers, they approvingly lauded the project and recognised the importance and necessity of the time honoured noble endeavour. Each, in their own way, have wholeheartedly appreciated and extended their overall support, wishing complete success of the project. A few lines from some of their messages excerpted below speak for themselves. This warmhearted and generous support has boosted us to present this appeal for the monumental project, as the conjoint aspiration of the Committee of these Spiritual Luminaries / Organisers:

Appreciation and Inspiration:

We hope this Directory will be of much help to all people, especially to those who are living outside India, to know how the message of India’s spiritual heritage is spreading in other countries. We are willing to extend all possible help in this noble venture.
- Swami Suhitananda.


We are pleased to know about this (project) and welcome such a proposal. It will be indeed a very important Directory for those who are residing or visiting abroad to get in touch with their cultural and spiritual roots in foreign land. The prime duty of those born in Bharat Varsha is to simultaneously make one’s life successful and benefit other living entities by spreading the message of Vedic Scriptures. We wish you all the best for this noble task. We are ever ready to extend all possible help for the same.
- Gokuleshwar Das, on behalf of Brajhari Das.


We pray and hope that the process of putting together this Directory may be helpful to all involved. We also pray that the Directory helps bring together the diverse spiritual streams so that all can live and pray together in harmony and peace. India has been a spiritual luminary, with its teachings enlightening the world and providing faith and understanding to millions. Such understanding, wisdom and peaceful dialog are all the more important in today’s world. We pray that this Directory will help in that uniting endeavour, to help organisations across the world communicate better. We commend this noble task, and pray for its success.
- Sadhus Ishwarcharandas, on behalf of Sri Pramukh Swami Maharaj


We appreciate this project.
- Swami Swaroopananda, on behalf of Swami Tejomayananda


The idea to create a ‘Directory of Spiritual Organisations Functioning Abroad’ is a noteworthy endeavor. I am sure it will be very useful to spiritual aspirants – both those living abroad and those travelling there from India. May Amma’s blessing help this noble cause undertaken to accomplish its desired result.
- Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri.


It is a meticulous task demanding hard work and strenuous efforts. I am sure the project will go a long way in streaming the data of such organisations which are functioning outside the main Indian heartland and will come handy to all those who need to refer to such institutions – for multiple purposes. I sincerely pray Almighty God to shower His choicest Blessings on all those who are engaged in fulfilling this noble cause. Please let me know if I can be of any service in furtherance of the project.
- Swami Satyamitranand Giri.


This project is a very important step towards unification of all spiritual traditions which have their roots in India and it will give new strength and vigor to the mission started by Swami Vivekananda. The message of Sanatana Dharma as disseminated by Swami Vivekananda to the world is to realize the divine nature of our existence. Following the footsteps of Swami Vivekananda many spiritual masters from India have propounded the Vedantic truths all over the world. This Directory will be a very important compilation to record the impact of the works of these great masters in the world.
- Swami Ramdev.


This is definitely an extremely noble endeavour and we wholeheartedly support the same. Promotion and propagation of the true message of spirituality is the need of the hour for ascertaining global peace and harmony, and we are sure that this project will go a long way in achieving this goal.
- Dr. Pranav Pandya.


Glad to learn about this noble endeavour of preparing a Directory of all the Indogenic Spiritual Organisations working in various countries, all over the world, to spread the message of our ancient sages of Bharat. Our institution is very happy to join this team in making this appeal, and cooperating with this noble work. We wish this endeavour all success.
- Dr. H. R. Ngendra.


It is a laudable work.
- Ashok Singhal.


We are pleased to learn about the proposed Directory of all sampradayas and organisations originated in Bharat, working all over the world. These organisations and sampradayas, who are working outside Bharat, are spreading the teachings of the Vedas, Shastras, Agamas, and also the teachings of our ancient Rishis, Acharyas and Mahatmas, to the world at large. We hope, the proposed Directory will be a great help in connecting these organisations and bringing them closer, and at the same time, any researcher or scholar or anyone who wants to reach them, will also be greatly benefitted by this effort. I extend all my support on behalf of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and also request all our VHP Karyakarthas throughout the world, to lend a helping hand in successfully compiling the Directory. I wish all success in this noble effort.
- Swami Vigyanananand


I would do whatever maximum I can for this global mission. Being aware that we all owe a lot to Swami Vivekananda for his enlightening life and message that continue to inspire not only Hindus but many across the globe, I would love to be part of this team trying to build the directory of spiritual organizations inspired by his thought.
- Sri Shyam Parande


We invite all organisations, world over, to be a part of this important move, for a historic Spiritual Directory, by submitting the required particulars.

Our Coordinator (Swami Jyotirmayananda) can be reached by email (at [email protected]). Please feel free to contact him for further details.

We earnestly request your kind participation in this noble venture.

P. Parameswaran

July 15, 2014

An informatory booklet titled "The Global Vision and Mission of Swami Vivekananda, and how it inspired the Indian Spiritual Reach World-wide", describing the vision and the mission of the Project, is here for further details.