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02. The Global Vision and Mission of Swami Vivekananda

03. Benedictory Messages:

          i) Swami Atmasthananda

          ii) Swami Dayananda Saraswati

04. Appeal - Coordinator

05. Preface - Convener

06. Particulars for Submission Online (see page 28)

07. Scope of the Global Directory (see page 28)

08. Various Categories of Participants (see page 28)

09. Data Submission Guidelines (see page 28)

10. The Future Plan (see page 28)

11. Contact (see page 28)

12. Online Data Submission Form

13. The Well-wishers/Supporters of our ‘Global Directory’ Project:

          i) List

14. Download 'DISOA' Project Literature:

          i) DISOA Project, 6-page Informatory Folder

          ii) DISOA Project, 32-page Informatory Booklet

          iii) DISOA Project, Salient Points, 24-page Booklet

          iv) Criteria For Enrollment Of Organisations To The Directory

          v) DISOA Registration Form (Specimen)

15. A Brief Presentation on the Project

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