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Swami Vivekananda’s message resonated worldwide because it aimed at Universal Peace, Harmony and Well-being. Today, many Dharma organizations continue to serve and contribute to the world at large with that end in view. An effort is underway to compile an all-inclusive Global Directory of these organizations. It seeks to create a reference point for all of them to know one another and work together for an all-round wellness of humanity.

In an era where information is power, the direct beneficiaries of this work are the Dharma organizations worldwide. They can readily have a platform for mutual interaction, collaboration and cooperation. This Directory can help them create opportunities to serve humanity at large.

Despite the pervading influence of Dharma through several spiritual masters and their organizations worldwide, comprehensive information is not available in the public domain about their global reach.

The great minds who have taken to different countries the message of our ancient spiritual wisdom, the multitude of organizations founded by them and their huge and powerful reach, call for a comprehensive documentation of the services of these organizations and the masters who spread universally the light of Dharma.

This is a major undertaking to gather the available information from various quarters of the world where such activities connected with the thoughts and truths proclaimed by the seers and sages of Bharatavarsha are taking place, in the form of an online global compendium of brief profiles of the many Dharma organizations functioning globally. 

The Directory seeks to cover all the Dharma traditions, including the Hindu, Jain, Bauddha, Sikh; and also those who accept, respect and celebrate the diversity of traditions. 

The categories of participants are:  Monastery (Ashram / Vedanta Center),  Place of Worship (Temple/Gurudwara/Vihara),  Yoga Center,  Academic Institution,  NGO (Volunteer Organisation/Foundation/Trust/Association),  Individual Mahatma, and   Miscellaneous (categories other than the preceding ones).

You are cordially invited to be a part of this historic Global Directory of Dharma Organisations. On registration of your esteemed organisation (falling under any one of the aforementioned categories), you will receive a verification mail by your registered email ID, and after due verification thereof, you will be able to fill up the required particulars in the Directory. With the approval of the admin., it will appear in the Directory.

Swami Jyotirmayananda
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