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2000 Temples in 50 + countries.

Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference

Hindu Universe Resource Center

Hindus Media Network (Global Sites)

World Hindu News

Hinduism Today

Hindu Press International

Hinduism Now

The Templenet Encyclopedia

Hindu Temples across the World

Hindu temples in the United States





Managing Hindu Temple - Meeting the challenges of operating under American laws and codes.

Council of Hindu Temples of North America (CHTNA)

Raising Awareness of Dharmic Religions

Tax Guide for Religious Organisations in US

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha

Influence of India's Spiritual Legacy on Western Culture



The people, landscape, and multi-hued culture of India

Indo-American and Hindu statesman




Hinduism in the United States

Hinduism in the West

India’s Unique Civilizational Insights in a Modern-day Idiom

The Internet Sacred Text Archive

Thoughts and Wisdom Spanning Continents and Time About India

Temple Managemet

Temple Management System:




Why are the temples in India controlled by the government?



Swarajya for temples


Significance of Hindu Deities

             i) English

             ii) Hindi

Raising the awareness of the four major Dharmic religions

Enriching the understanding about Indian civilization and Hinduism in America.

Hindu Temples in the United States

10 Most Famous Hindu Temples in America

Hindu Temples in New Jersey

Global Hindu Empowerment Programs

Directories of Temples, Ashrams and Spiritual Organizations

Are Hindus Being Undercounted in Religion Surveys?

The Future of Hinduism in America’s Evolving Religious Landscape

Hinduism for Schools

Primary Hinduism

Hinduism and Science

Dignity for Hinduism:



A German lady writes on "The unique value of Indian tradition..."

Dialogue With The Masters - Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra Writes/Speaks

Jay Lakhani Writes/Speaks

The Hindu Academy, London:




Where is Bhagawan?– Swami Dayananda Saraswati